They Still Draw Pictures

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About They Still Draw Pictures

Casa Ben Leider

Exhibition details

There are three different versions of They Still Draw Pictures

available for display: two in the United States and one in Spain.

United States:
The complete version of They Still Draw Pictures consists of 49 drawings created by Spanish refugee children and 23 children's drawings from other wars, all largely in facsimile, including World War II, Bosnia, Kosovo, Chiapas, and other military confrontations. The exhibit also contains eight archival photographs, including four by Robert Capa, and accompanying wall text. All pieces are framed and ready to mount. Requirements: 180-200 linear feet.

The unframed version of the exhibit, suitable for display in document cases, consists of the 49 drawings created by Spanish refugee children, plus wall text ready for printing in the format preferred by the venue. It also includes mounted, poster-sized reproductions of the eight archival photos, including four by Robert Capa.

Subjects include:
Life Before the War
Life in Camps and Colonies
Life After the War

Please contact us for pricing details.

La versión de Y siguen dibujando: Arte procedente de las Colonias Infantiles durante la Guerra Civil Española, disponible actuaChildren Drawinglmente en España, consiste en 49 dibujos en facsímil hechos por niños republicanos entre 1937 y 1938, dispuestos cronológicamente en cinco apartados: Antes de la Guerra, Guerra, Evacuación, La Vida en las Colonias, Después de la Guerra. Incluye ocho fotos de archivo (cuatro de Robert Capa) y seis textos introductorios (uno general y los correspondientes a los cinco apartados), todos enmarcados. Ocupa aproximadamente 40 metros de pared.