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ALBA Institute New York

Learning and Teaching the Spanish Civil War through the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives

Applications for 2010 Summer Institute for the New York City will be posted in February.

Our Program
The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives conducts a week-long teachers Institute in the summer at New York University, one-day professional development programs for teachers during the academic year and student programs.

This program is inspired by the recent acquisition by NYU of the complete archives of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. These archives include thousands of personal letters, photographs, posters and other original materials from participants in the war. This unique collection offers a special opportunity for high school teachers to introduce their students to the use of primary source materials in learning about history and the relationship of war to society and American culture. Workshop participants will have direct access to the Archives, and access will be further extended to their students through the web. By making these archives, and this professional development workshop, available to high school teachers, we hope to renew interest in study of the Spanish Civil War War as an important historical laboratory.

ALBA Institute Alumni: Lesson and Course Plans                  

NYC Summer Institute, 2008

Paul Robeson in Spain
Lisa Jane Shuman, Stuyvesant Highschool, NYC
This lesson uses Robeson in Spain, an ALBA comic for high school students, available digitally on this web site and in hard copy. For purchase contact info@alba-valb.org.

Political Activism Then and Now: The Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Trimester Course Plan
Sergei Alschen and Gabriela Calandra, Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, NJ

NYC Summer Institute, 2009

Facing Fascism: New Yorkers Remember the Spanish Civil War
Jeffrey Savage, Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
Materials: DVD of video oral histories of 22 New Yorkers, by Jim Fernandez and Katie Halprin. For purchase contact info@alba-valb.org

Spanish Civil War– Abraham Lincoln Brigade Building Background Knowledge Workshop for Social Studies and Art Classes
Alyce Barr, Principal
Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies

Ideology and Action: A Unit for Senior “Crew” Class, a course devoted to the study of goals, moral choices and character development
Jacques Hoffman, Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies