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ALBA Institute Tampa

2010 Summer Institute for High School Teachers

'La Retaguardia de Tampa': The Spanish Civil War and its impact on Florida and U.S. History

ALBA, in cooperation with Departments of History and Social Sciences of the University of South Florida, organized an ALBA Summer Teachers Institute in Tampa, Florida, from July 19-23, 2010.  This summer institute focuses on the strong support for the Spanish Republic among the city’s Cuban, Spanish and Italian communities. The July, 2010 application and directions for applying can be found here.  A full description and schedule is available in our brochure.

Please read below for description and links to lesson plans created by our 2009 Alumni Teachers at the first ALBA Institute for Teachers in Florida.

Featured Documents: Attached is a typescript of Aida Gonzalez's recollection of her experience during the SCW.  A resident of Tampa, Aida shared her story with the first ALBA Teachers' Institute held in Tampa in June 2009. This is one example of the rich archival resources for the Tampa Institute. Also see letter written by Aida Gonzalez.

Institute Teachers Lesson Plans, 2009: Link below to Lesson Plans for Teaching the Spanish Civil War in Florida High Schools, listed by title, course, and author.

Classroom Mural

High School Classroom Mural, Brandon High School
Iris Orlando, Art Department and
Tracey Hinson, World History

Rise of Totalitarian Dictatorships, 1930's: Four day unit plan.
Participant Lesson Plan: Iris Orlando & Tracey Hinson
Course: American History, High School

Political Participation in the US and the Spanish Civil War
Participant Lesson Plan: Brian Hoover
Course: American Government
Political Participation Lesson Materials Packet

The Rise of Fascism and the Spanish Civil War
Participant Lesson Plan: Vincent M D'Acunto
Course: American History, World History, American Government

Isolationism and Neutrality in the 1930's
Participant Lesson Plan: Craig Shimcus
Course: Advanced Placement, American History

International Reactions to the Spanish Civil War
Participant Lesson Plan: Kelly Reynolds and Dale A. Hueber
Course: AP World History Course, Document Based Question

Women in the Spanish Civil War: Salaria Kea and Evelyn Hutchins
Participant Lesson Plan: Kristina Lawrence
Course: Women's Studies

Effects of WWI and the Red Scare on the Development of the 1920's and 1930's Government
Two-Three Day Unit
Participant Lesson Plan: Kimberly Testa and Jennifer Ordetx
Course: American History

Spanish Civil War and Why Americans Volunteered
Participant Lesson Plan: Gary Padget
Course: American History and World History, Document Based Question

Spanish Civil War and International Involvement
Participant Lesson Plan: Ross Webster
Course: Global History

Spain Confronts its Past
Participant Lesson Plan: Valerie Walker
Course: Archeology/Anthropology


ALBA Tampa Institute, University of South Florida, 2009

Tampa Institute 2009