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ALBA Institutes

ALBA Teaching Institutes

ALBA’s Teaching Institutes provide professional development opportunities for high school teachers in the areas of Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Spanish, as well as other subject areas (e.g. Visual Art, Human Rights Education).

Teaching Institute- brigade

The Institutes offer educators, from all over the country, the opportunity to work with leading experts in the history and culture of the Spanish Civil War to develop compelling lessons on the origins of World War II, totalitarian threats to democracy, U.S. isolationism vs. internationalism, the unexpected consequences that led to the Cold War, anti-communist campaigns, and the acceptance of General Franco’s dictatorship as part of the western alliance in the postwar era. Through the use of accessible primary source documents from the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Collection—texts, images, audio—the lessons produced meet common core state standards in reading, writing, speaking & listening, and media skills while provoking their students intellectual curiosity.

2015 Teaching Institutes Schedule

  • March 14, 2015: Professional development day in Boston, Massachusetts, co-hosted by Collaborative for Educational Services.
  • April 18, 2015: Professional development day in Columbus, OH, co-hosted by OH State University.
  • November 3, 2015: Professional development day in New York, New York, co-hosted by New York University.


Master Classes at the Archives

Milt Wolff File
ALBA encourages visits to augment classroom activities to the Tamiment Library at NYU where the Lincoln Brigade Archives are permanently housed.  During a two-hour study session, led by an expert in the history and culture of the Spanish Civil War, students personally connect with members of the Lincoln Brigade through an exploration of their original letters home, journals and sketchbooks, as well as FBI files, photos and other authentic artifacts.





The Teaching Institutes for high school teachers are made possible by the Puffin Foundation and donors like you.


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