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Aida Gonzalez Letter, 11/21/1997 Description of SCW refugee experience, Tampa Florida
They Still Draw Pictures: Children's Art from the Spanish Civil War Anthony Geist & Peter Carroll
Tampa 2010 Summer Teachers Institute Application
Isolation and Neutrality in the 1930’s Lesson Plan Course: American Government, Advanced Placement Craig Shimcus
SCW and International Involvement Lesson Plan Highschool Ross Webster
International Reactions to the Spanish Civil War High School Lesson Plan Kelly Reynolds and Dale Hueber
“On Guard with the Junipers”: Ewart Milne and Irish Literary Dissent in the Spanish Civil War 2009 George Watt prize undergraduate winner Anna Kathryn Kendrick. Anna Kathryn Kendrick June 01, 2009
The Volunteer, June 2006 The Volunteer, June 2006 ALBA June 01, 2006
The Volunteer, December 2007 National History Day Competition, War Medicine, Exhibits, Puffin Grant, Robeson in Spain. ALBA December 01, 2007
Behind Enemy Lines Account of capture by fascists in Gandessa, 1938 Hy Wallach November 04, 2010
Red Cross parcel post authorization from San Pedro/List of Americans in San Pedro and prisoners to exchange from Salamanaca, Spain records office Documents copied from the records office in Salamanaca, Spain which includes authorizations for departing American prisoners to assign their postal privileges to remaining prisoners, who were usually from countries friendly to the fascists which did not have active committees on behalf of the prisoners. Research by Nacho Garcia, Balbao, Spain
Christopher Bannister Watt Award 2010 Christopher Bannister (European University Institute). The Rival Durrutis: The Posthumous Cult of Personality of Buenaventura Durruti, November, 1936-June, 1937.
Release from San Pedro Account of release from concentration camp - We catch the last boat out of Le Havre on the eve of WW II Hy Wallach
Tribute by Carl Geiser Excerpt from testimonial by Volunteer Carl Geiser at the Daniel Lapidus Fraternal Society, 1978 Carl Geiser
Tribute by Carl Geiser Excerpt from testimonial by Volunteer Carl Geiser at the Daniel Lapidus Fraternal Society, 1978 Carl Geiser
The Volunteer, December 2009
Ideology and Action: A Unit for Senior “Crew” Class, a course devoted to the study of goals, moral choices and character development Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies ALBA NYC Teachers Institute, Summer 2009 Jacques Hoffman
Volunteer March 2010 March 2010 print issue of The Volunteer March 01, 2010
The Spanish Civil War and Why Americans Volunteered In this lesson, students will gain an understanding of the Spanish Civil War, the United States’ involvement, and why United States citizens would fight in this war. Students will create an original response to the assigned essay question making use of the provided documents. Gary Padgett
Rise of Totalitarian Dictators, Four day unit plan Course: American History, High School Iris Orlando & Tracy Hinson
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