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Archaeology/Anthropology Classes: Spain Confronts its Past High School Lesson Valerie Walker
The Role of Republican Spain and the Spanish Civil War in Reaffirming Mexican Hispano-American Identity, 1931-39. 2009 George Watt Prize graduate winner Matthew Skiba (UNC-Wilmington). Skiba, Matthew June 01, 2009
Aaron Harris Placa Catalunya Photo of Aaron Harris taken at Placa Catalunya, Barcelona 1937
close up of Aaron Harris Aaron Harris 1937
Harry Belafonte and Steve Nelson Photo at VALB anniversary dinner Cintributed by Josie (Nelson) Yurek
Paul Robeson Fundraising Letter on behalf of ALB February 12, 1945
The Volunteer, December 2009
Political Activism Then and Now: The Abraham Lincoln Brigade High School Trimester Course, Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, NJ Sergei Alschen and Gabriela Calandra,
Spanish Civil War– Abraham Lincoln Brigade Building Background Knowledge Workshop for High School Social Studies and Art Classes Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies Alyce Barr, Principal
Steve Nelson with VALB in Spain 1978 Contributed by daughter Josie Yurick
African Americans in the Lincoln Brigade, Lesson 1 Lesson 1 for African Americans in the Spanish Civil War. Curriculum materials and guide.
African Americans in the Lincoln Brigade, Lesson 2 Curriculum materials and guide for African Americans in the Spanish Civil War.
The Volunteer, June 2009 Robeson in Spain Issue, includes lesson plan. Brown and Carroll June 01, 2009
Lesson Plan for Robeson in Spain Lesson #2 for Robeson in Spain. Why was the Spanish Civil War viewed as an American problem or concern by the people who went there? Lisa-Jane Shuman
The Volunteer, September 2006 National History Days, George Watt Prize, Tamiment aquires Spanish Refugee Aid records, The Politics of Memory in Contemporary Spain symposium, World War II letters. ALBA
Facing Fascism: New Yorkers Remember the Spainsh Civil War Global, US and New York History. High school Lesson Plan. Jeffery Savage, Midwood High School at Brooklyn College
Tampa 2010 Summer Teacchers Institute Brochure
Effects of WWI and the Red Scare on the Developments of the 1920's and 1930's Government 2-3 Day Unit. Lesson Plan Course: American History, High School Kimberly Testa and Jennifer Ordetx
Aida Gonzalez's recollection Attached is a typescript of Aida Gonzalez's recollection of her experience during the SCW. A resident of Tampa, Aida shared her story with the first ALBA Teachers' Institute held in Tampa in June 2009.
Volunteer September 2009 The Volunteer September 2009
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