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Milton Herndon Photo

Milton Herndon (Braxton)

Salaria Kea Photo

Salaria Kea in Spain

Youngblood Nance Photo

Youngblood Nance post war. (ALBA Collection, Fredericka Martin)

Jefferson Wideman Photo

Jefferson Wideman of Vigilancia XV Brigade, May 1938. (ALBA Collection)

James Neugass

Jim Neugass

Harry Haywood

Bill Lawrence, Harry Haywood, and Ed Bender (Peter Carroll Collection)

James Yates

Eluard Luchell McDaniels

Luchell McDaniels in poncho, center, with unidentified volunteers. Betea, March 1938. (ALBA Collection)

Thomas Page

Tom Page, Lincoln-Washington Battalion. July 1938 (ALBA Collection).

Walter Garland

Officer Training School, Inspecting Officer is Peter Hamkins. Left to right: Edward Cecil Smith, unidentified, Wallace Burton, Walter Garland, Hans Amlie. (Courtesy of the Peter Carroll Collection).

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