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Basilio Cueria y Obrit

Spanish officer, Cueria y Obrit, and Danalo Diaz, Cubans in Spain.

Tomas Diaz Collado

Tomas Diaz Collado (ALBA Collection).

Walter Dicks

Walter Dicks (ALBA Collection).

Larry Stratford Dukes

Larry Stratford Dukes

Ramon Durem

Becky Shulman Durem and Ramon Durem with their daughter, Dolores. (The Passionate War).

Theodore Gibbs

Theodore Gibbs, front right.

John Porter Hunter

John Porter Hunter, December 1937 (ALBA Collection).

Bert Edward Jackson

Joe Taylor (left) and Bert Jackson (right), March 1938 (ALBA Collection).

Aaron Bernard Johnson

Aaron Johnson and other volunteers returning aboard the Champlain, July 1938.

Abraham Lewis

Abe Lewis in Argente, January 1938 (ALBA Collection).

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