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Abraham Lewis

Abe Lewis in Argente, January 1938 (ALBA Collection).

Norman Lisberg

Norman Lisberg, Lincoln-Washington Battalion, December 1937 (ALBA Collection).

Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell, March 1938 (ALBA Collection).

Crawford Eugene Morgan

Crawford Morgan and Eugene Brown, Summer 1937 (Courtesy Adolph Ross).

Claude Pringle

Claude Pringle Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion November 1937 (ALBA Collection)

Marcus Ransom

Group photograph of US volunteers taken after the Retreats of Spring 1938. Ransom is in the back near the center.

Otto Reeves

Frank Alexander (right) together with Otto Reeves (left), December 1937. (ALBA Collection)

Sterling Rochester

Top: unidentified volunteers unidentified Mexican, Aurturo Jack Luna Filipino, unidentified Cuban. Kneeling: Sterling Rochester, Jack Shirai (Courtesy Ted Watts).

James Bernard Rucker

James Bernard Rucker (Bunny)

Bert Edward Jackson

Joe Taylor (left) and Bert Jackson (right), March 1938 (ALBA Collection).

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