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Bert Edward Jackson

Joe Taylor (left) and Bert Jackson (right), March 1938 (ALBA Collection).

Ralph Thornton

Ralph Thornton Filing Clerk in Comissariat, December 1937 (ALBA Collection).

George Walter Waters

George Walter Waters, February 1938. (ALBA Collection)

Sam Willis

Sam Willis, Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion Scout, November 1937. (ALBA Collection).

Max Silverman

Max Silverman at home in New York City. Photo courtesy of the Silverman family.

Virginia Malbin

Virginia Malbin. Photo by Richard Bermack.

Virginia Malbin

Virginia Malbin at San Francisco Monument Dedication, March 30, 2008. Photo by James Fernandez.

Max Gerchik

Image of Max Gerchik, 1911-2008.

Heraklis Arnaoutis (Protagoras)

Protagoras in the concentration camp in Le Havre, France, where he was detained after Spain.

Heraklis Arnaoutis (Protagoras)

Protagoras (back row, far left) in Spain, 1939.

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