Smash Fascism

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AIXAFEM FEIXISME (IN CATALAN), SMASH FASCISM [100 x 70cm] Pere Catalá Roca [1936]. Issued by the Commissariat of Propaganda, Government of Catalonia. A photomontage of a sandaled foot crushing a swastika on a dampened cobbled street. The rope-soled sandals, alpargatas, are traditional peasant footwear, suggesting that it is the common people who will crush the fascist invaders. Note that the swastika was reversed when the montage was made. Australian surrealist poet Mary Low mentions seeing the poster after an evening at the theater in Barcelona in 1936. The passage occurs toward the end of Rd Spanish Notebook, the memoir she coauthored with Cuban revolutionary Juan Brea: "We stood outside the columned portico, in front of us a poster flapped in the rain—a foot in a Catalan sandal crushing a swastika with negligent, unquestioned strength" (p.226).

Smash Fascism
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