Ralph Bradford Blanchard
k-Blanchard, Ralph Bradford. b. December 23, 1913, Connecticut; Graduated from Meridian High School in 1934; Single; Seaman; received passport# 476079 in September 1937 which listed his address as 578 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn, New York; Sailed Septem...
Amador Blanco Pena
k-Blanco Pena, Amador. (Blanco, Amador); b. Cuba; Cuban; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln-Washington Battalion, rank Soldado; Killed in action April 4, 1938, Gandesa, during the Retreats. Source: XV BDE, BN 58 Retreats. Photograph:Amador Blanco Pena ...
Castor Blanco Perez
Blanco Perez, Castor. Spanish American; 3 years prior military service; Laborer and Dish washer; No party affiliation; Sailed February 20, 1937 aboard the Ile de France; Arrived in Spain on March 8, 1937. Source: Americans.
John Blank
k-Blank, John. (Blanch, John); b. January 1, 1895, Russia (?); Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln-Washington BN, rank Soldado; Missing in action April 3, 1938, Gandesa, during the Retreats. Source: BN 58 Retreats.
Emil Micky Blaser
k-Blaser, Emil Micky. (Brown, Mickey); Irish American; Prior military service 1 year unspecified; Freight handler; CP 1935; Domicile New York; Sailed December 26, 1936 Normandie; Killed in action February 1937, Jarama. Source: Americans.
Stanley Emil Blaskiewicz
Blaskiewicz, Stanley Emil. (Balskiewicz; Blake;Morrison); b. September 28, 1914 (1915), Rossburn, Manitoba, Canada; Belorussian, Prior military service in the US Army National Guard; Single; received passport# 403175 in May 1937 which listed his add...
Paul Block
k-Block, Paul. Sculptor; CP 1931; received passport# 130819 on July 3, 1934, Port Chester, New York, 27 years old; Arrived in Spain on March 17, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, Commissar Company 3, took command of the Company at Belchite when Owen Smith w...
Christian Blohme
Blohme, Christian. German American; Single, Machinist and General Laborer; CP Germany; 39 years old; Sailed February 6, 1937 aboard the Paris; Arrived in Spain on February 17, 1937. Source: Cadre (scratched out), RA.
Maurice Bloom
k-Bloom, Maurice. (Blum, Maurice); b. May 5, 1919, New Rochelle, New York; Single; Actor; CP 1937; received passport# 480449 in October 1937, which listed his address as 34 Van Gesser Avenue, New Rochelle, New York; Sailed October 20, 1937 aboard the Qu...
Nathan Nehemiah Bloom
Bloom, Dr. Nathan Nehemiah. b. 1885, Palestine (?); English; AMB; Graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine in 1916; Traveled on British Passport #717640 issued August 22, 1928; Served the Republican Medical Service, worked with the c...
Harry Blum
Blum, Harry. (Kline, Harry; Blum, Harry); b. December 6 (5), 1916, NYC; Education through Junior high school; Single; Salesman, YCL November 1936; received passport# 393163 in April 1937 which listed his address as 143 East 16th Street, and 36 Lewis Str...
Abraham Blumenfield
Blumenfield, Abraham. (Bluestone, Abraham); received passport# 375370 on March 16, 1937 which listed his address as 508 East 173rd Street, NYC, 29 years old; Sailed April 13, 1937 aboard the Georgic. Source: SACB.
Agostino Boccioni
Boccioni, Agostino. Italian American. Source: CPC, PS, Italian, AICVAS.
Robert John Bodie
Bodie, Robert John. b. February 26, 1892, San Francisco, California; Single; Radio Technician (NMU) and Aviator; CP 1927 (1930); Sailed April 13, 1937 aboard the Georgic; Arrived in Spain on May 1, 1937; Served with the Guerillas; (Possibly killed in Ma...
George Boehm
k-Boehm, George. b. November 5, 1898, Velika Pisanica, Croatia; Croatian American; Married; Restaurant Owner and worker; CP 1934 (1927); Received passport# 366482 on February 10, 1937 which listed his address as 1292 Amsterdam Avenue, NYC; Sailed Februa...
James Bofill
Bofill, James. (Bofill H., Jaime); Cuban American; Married; Law Student and Party functionary; CP 1928; Domicile 349 E. 17th, Apartment 19, NYC; Sailed April 21, 1937 aboard the Manhatttan; Arrived in Spain on May 18, 1937. Source: Sail, Cadre.
William Wolfe Bois
Bois, William Wolfe. b. June 10, 1914, Albany, New York; received passport# 374475 in March 1937 which listed his address as 17 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brooklyn, New York; Sailed March 17, 1937 aboard the President Roosevelt; Returned to the US on August...
Giovanni Bombazzi
Bombazzi, Giovanni. (Bombes, Ivan; Bumbaz); b. June 19, 1908, Pula, Croatia; Italian American. Source: RA, Italian, South Slav; AICVAS.
Livio Edoardo Bonanni
Bonanni, Livio Edoardo. Italian American. Source: RA, CPC, Italian, AICVAS.
Frank Giuseppe Bonetti
Bonetti, Frank Giuseppe. (Bonetti, Francesco); Italian American; Single; Crane Operator; CP 1932 Section Lit. Agent; Sailed June 26, 1937 aboard the Britannic; Arrived in Spain July 15, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln-Washignton Battalion, WIA Ret...
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