James Garrett
John Peter Gasper
John Gates
Gates, John. (Israel Ragenstrich, Sol Ragenstreif), b. September 28, 1913, New York, Jewish, 1 yr. City College of New York on a scholarship, Single, Party Organizer and Party Functionary, CP April 1933 section organizer and YCL 1931, Received passp...
Eugene Gavin
Eugene Victor Gavin, younger brother of Robert Owen Gavin, was quite possibly an American Indian rather than an African-American. Born in Oklahoma in 1910 he later moved to Youngstown, Ohio. Gavin joined the Young Communist League in 1936. Gavin was an ea...
Robert Gavin
Robert Owen Gavin may have been an American Indian instead of an African-American. He was the older brother of Eugene Victor Gavin. Born in Oklahoma on May 5, 1908, Gavin lived with his wife in Philadelphia. Issued a passport valid for travel to England, ...
Louis Anton Gayle
Sam Gebin
Leo Geer
Carl Frederick Geiser
Geiser, Carl Frederick. (Carl Dawson), b. December 10, 1910, Orville, Ohio, Jewish, POW, 1928 Salutatorian in Orville High School, Graduated from Fenn College in 1932, Married, Electrical Engineer and Student, CP September 1932 and YCL 1932, receiv...
Henry George
Henry George was born on July 15, 1906. A sign painter by trade, he lived in Philadelphia and joined the Communist party in 1936. George departed for Spain, aboard the SS Berengaria, on June 19, 1937. In Spain George was assigned to the Lincoln-Washington...
Jacob George
Efstratios Georgelias
Bernard Gerber
Max Gerchik
Born in Brooklyn, New York, on January 16, 1911, he was the oldest of three children born to Russian immigrants Sophie and Harry Gerchik. Gerchik graduated with honors from New York University and began his medical studies at the University of Bonn, Ger...
Julius Gerhardt
John Rujevcic Gerlach
John R. Gerlach, former Intelligence Officer of the 15th Brigade, which included the Abraham Lincoln Battalion, died on August 12 at the age of 93 in Camarillo, California. Born Ivan Rujevcic in Vurota, Croatia, where he lived until the age of 13, John...
Alvaro Ghiara
Callisto Giambiasio
Joseph (Salvatore) Gianfortoni
Joseph Gibbons
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