Benjamin Linares
Linares, Florentine A. (Linares A., Florentine), Married; Cigar Maker; CP; Domicile 322 E. 100th Street, NYC; Arrived in Spain February 11, 1937. Source: Cadre.
Harold Fridjor Lindberg
k-Lindberg, Harold Fridjor. (Lindberg, Alec C.), received passport# 496351 on February 3, 1938 which listed his address as 2023 West Dravus Street, Seattle, Washington, 30 years old; Served with XV BDE, Lincoln-Washington BN, rank Soldado, reported ...
Veikko Olavi Lindfors
Lindfors, Veikko Olavi. (Oliver), b. March 15, 1915, De Kalb, Illinois; Finnish American; Single; received passport# 366331 on February 17, 1937 which listed his address as 303 Cedar Lake Road, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 25 years old; Sailed February 1...
Clarence George Lingeman
Lingeman, Clarence George. received passport# 390043 on April 19, 1937 which listed his address as 4206 Ellie Street, Los Angeles, California, 43 years old. Source: SACB.
Sidney Linn
Linn, Sidney. b. December 23, 1914 (1913), Brooklyn, New York; 6th grade education; Prior military service in the US Army, Coastal Artillery, 1928-35 he joined at 14; Single; Salesman and Carpenter; CP 1936 (or No party affiliation); received passpo...
Lennoni Lino
k-Lino, Lennoni. Killed in Action July 1938, Ebro Offensive. Source: Ross.
Mazzo Giuseppe Linoetti
Linoetti, Mazzo Giuseppe. (Lionetti, Maazo Joseph)b. May 28, 1899, Italy; Italian American; POW; Exchanged April 22, 1939. Source: Italian, VALB Office files
David Watron Lippert
Lippert, David Watson. (Watron); b. May 29, 1912, West Orange, New Jersey; Father F. G. Lippert, Mother Ida W. Lippert; Attended Cornell University 1929-1933 (ASU, Mu Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternitey,); Single; Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC); Log...
David Raphael Lipton
k-Lipton, David Raphael. (Lipschipsht), YCL; received passport# 532307 on May 16, 1938 which listed his address as 2144 Crotoana Parkway, Bronx, New York; 23 years old; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln-Washington BN, Co. 3; Killed in action August 2...
Norman Lisberg
k-Lisberg, Norman. b. February 10, 1911, Abita Springs, Louisiana; High school education; Single; Laborer and Carpenter; CP and YCL 1931, unit secretary; Domicile 919 ½ Jefferson Avenue, Los Angeles, California; Arrived in Spain on February 3, 19...
Samuel Lissitz
Lissitz, Samuel. (Cole, Bob), b. July 17, 1910, Chicago, Illinois; Graduated from the University of Chicago, 1929-33, BS Communications; Chemist; CP 1934 and YCL; received passport# 371667 on March 4, 1937 which listed his address as 16 West Maple ...
Paul List
List, Paul. Married; Sailed March 12, 1937 aboard the Ile de France.Mrs. Jennie Costa List his wife when he went to Spain was the sister of fellow volunteer Michael Costa. Source: (Article and photograph) Daily Worker, January 4, 1938, p. 2.
Frank Lister
Lister, Frank. (Feingersh, Francis), Served with the XV BDE, Washington BN, Brunete; d. December 13, 2002. Source: USSDA (under Fingersh, Francis) 2:0531, 54:0091; (obituary notice) The Volunteer, Volume 24, No. 3, September 2002, p. 22; SSN.
Robert Liston
Liston, Robert. Single; Seaman; YCL; Sailed January 23, 1937 aboard the Champlain; Arrived in Spain on February 11, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN, Jarama and Brunete. Source: Sail, Cadre, Lincoln.
Christoper E. Litsas
Litsas, Christoper E. (Litsos, Christos E.), b. May 5, 1919, Manchester, New Hampshire; Greek American; High school education; Single; Seaman, Auto Mechanic and Hotel Worker; No party affiliation; No passport issued, Domicile 44 Westminster Street, ...
Edward Cole Littleton
Littleton, Edward Cole. (Midleton, Edward C.), b. January 30, 1906, Baltimore, Maryland; Graduated from High school in 1924 and then attended Columbia University for 2 years; Single; Train Engineer; CP 1935 and Spanish CP; received passport# 378329 ...
Anthony Litvinas
Litvinas, Anthony. (Litvinis), b. November 23, 1914, Chicago, Illinois; Lithuanian American; Attended High school in Lithuania; Single; Journalist working for the Lithuanian communist daily; No party affiliation; received passport# 280296 (280206) o...
Alfred Harvey Litwin
Litwin, Alfred Harvey. (Litvin, Abe; Lytton, Alfred), b. October 4, 1914, NYC; Graduated from the City College of New York in 1937; Single; Student; YCL 1935; Domicile New York; Sailed March 24, 1937 aboard the Manhattan; Arrived in Spain on May 11...
Manuel Lizarrago
Lizarrago, Manuel. (Manvel), b. 1895; Filipino; received passport# 1379 Philippines Islands series on June 20, 1936 which listed his address asManila,Philippinesand Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Served with the XV BDE, English BN, Interpreter, Jaram...
Eugene Llewellyn
Llewellyn, Eugene. (Llewllyn; Llewelyn; Lewelyn), b. US; Single; Logger and Seaman; YCL; Domicile Terrace, British Columbia, Canada; To spain October 8, 1937; Was MIA found in Hospital October 12, 1938; Returned to Canada 1939. Source: Canadian.
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