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Sydney Levine


Levine, Sidney. b. August 11 (16), 1911, Stanford, Connecticut; Graduated from De Anza Community college with an Associates degree in History; Joined the Marines and released due to being underage.  US Army 106th Regiment, 1934-37; Corporal, Machinegunner;  Joined at request of CP; Single;  Machinist and Seaman;  CP 1933 (1934, unit organizer); received passport# 365092 on February 2, 1937 which listed his address as 174 East 43rd Street, Brooklyn, New York (177 E. 43rd Street, Brooklyn, New York); Sailed February 6, 1937 aboard the Paris; Arrived in Spain on February 13, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN, MG Co., in Jarama (arrived on the 26th of Feb.);  Injured in a truck accident April 23, 1937; OTS; Lincoln/Lincoln-Washington BN, Adjutant Commander MG Co. Brunete; Company Commander;  Served in Brunete, Fuentes del Ebro;  BDE, Special MG Co., Company Commander,  rank Teniente;  Served in Teruel and Ebro Offensive; Was sent to France for "political" work but returned during Retreats; Returned to the US on December 20, 1938 aboard the Ausonia; WWII US Army, Rank Corporal;  Served as part of the Japanese Army of Occupation; d. July 1999, California.

Source: Sail, SACB, Cadre, Pay, RA, USSDA, “Some Incidents of March 15th” Typewritten Manuscript prepared in 1937; Harriman, (obituary) The Volunteer, Volume 21, No. 3, Summer 1999, p. 20.


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Additional Notes Sydney Levine (b. 1911), a machine gunner during the Spanish Civil War, had been a member of the Communist Party since 1933. Levine, who had only a junior high school education supplemented by one year of trade school, was a machinist by trade. Levine was born in Connecticut but was raised in New York City. His mother, a Russian immigrant, died when he was twelve. The other members of Levine's family, a devoutly religious sister, a criminal brother sentenced to Sing-Sing, and his father, a Russian immigrant, did not share Levine's appreciation of the Communist Party. Sid Levine, one of the original contingent of volunteers who named themselves the Lincoln Battalion, died in California in July 1999. Known for his courage and skill with heavy machine guns, he became company commander at Brunete. In 1938 he was assigned to political work in France, but when he learned of the fascist advances that spring, he left his job and returned to action in Spain. Many vets remember his heroism during the battalion’s last actions. - Biography courtesy of Tamiment Library, NYU. See also the the Marjorie Polon papers which include letters from Levine,